Thursday, November 20, 2008

Horror Stories

On almost every college throughout the United States, students have joined fraternities and sororities. However, recent horror stories in the news have frightened students and scared them away from joining a campus' Greek life. A recent story was brought up by every major news outlet in the country in which a guy in a fraternity at Rider University died after drinking half a bottom of vodka during a pledging event. Other horror stories emerged in Long Island of people viciously hazed in order to gain acceptance into the fraternity. Sorority girls have been no exception as they have been known to circle the fat on a girl's body and order her to lose weight if she intends on joining their sorority. While I admit that these events and stories are tragically true, Greek life does have a side that most people never see- the fundraising, community service and campus unity that Greek life represents.

Most fraternities and sororities are known for hosting charity events. In the Northeast region, members of a fraternity chapter in Syracuse, Albany and Binghamton took turns moving a keg across the region in a marathon. The money raised from the event went to the family members of a former fraternity brother who died fighting for his country in the Iraqi War. The noble charity event caught national attention and the charity event was able to raise a lot of money for the fallen soldier's family.

Another charity fundraising event on the Syracuse campus involved a pudding wrestling competition between girls and guys. The money used from the entrance fee of the participants and viewers went towards a cancer foundation. The event was a huge success as more than a hundred people came to participate in the fun and exciting event that the fraternity had.

Reasons to join a sorority are many. If you are the only one of your high school friends attending your college, it might be a good idea. The Greek System is a great way to meet new friends and find your niche so to speak. If you are a born leader, joining a sorority is a great way to shine and continue to build your leadership skills. At a lot of schools, entry into other high-profile campus organizations is paved by connections in the Greek System. While campus officials and non-Greeks don't like to admit it, there's a lot more exposure and opportunity for Greeks. While that exposure, as you've probably seen on the news, is not always positive, no publicity is bad publicity right? Leadership opportunities abound within the sorority as well. Depending on the size of the sisterhood, there might be anywhere from six to twenty elected executive board positions every year. These can range from President to Rush Chair to Alumni Relations to Panhellenic representative. If you enjoy sports, a lot of sororities participate in intramural leagues on campus. It is important to get involved in college so that you are well prepared for the outside world. Don't ever take for granted the opportunities that you can get through college.

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